What to Expect When Tubing on the Delaware River

There’s few better ways to spend a hot summer day than tubing on the Delaware River. Tucked between the Pocono and Catskill Mountains, the Upper Delaware River is a National Scenic and Recreational River, surrounded by natural beauty, and you can take it all in from a relaxing ride on the river. Indian Head Canoes offers affordable tube rentals that are perfect for an enjoyable float with friends and families. 

You can customize your own adventure, whether you’re looking for a mild, relaxing float or something that brings out a bit more adrenaline. If a mild whitewater adventure is your choice, we have a lazy river-style option that is perfect – a three-mile ride from Pond Eddy to Knights Eddy, which can last over three hours. Or, if you’re seeking more thrills, the Knights Eddy to Matamoras option is a six-mile float where you’ll encounter some whitewater rapids over a five- to six-hour stretch. 

On either float, you can bring a cooler full of your food and beverages, and we’ll float it to accompany you on your hours-long journey. Enjoy a cold one on the river, or pull off and have a picnic. 

Safety First

When it comes to spending a day on the river, Indian Head Canoes takes safety seriously. We have the staff to prepare you for what to expect on your float, brief you on safety instructions, and outfit you with life jackets and any other necessary equipment. Our trained professionals have an unparalleled level of experience for tubing on the Delaware River. They will familiarize you with trip details and landmarks to help guide you to your destination. But rest assured, while the Delaware River does have tributaries leading into the Delaware, this river does not split or break away to where you could get lost.

We require that all tube riders be a minimum of 65 pounds. Children ages 12 and under and non-swimmers must wear a life jacket at all times. (In higher water seasons, additional restrictions may be implemented to maintain the safety of all of our guests.)

What To Bring

One of the appealing things about tubing is its simplicity. All you need is a swimsuit, sunscreen, and water shoes or sneakers (flip flops are not recommended). We also recommend sunglasses with strap, hat, waterproof container for personal items, litter bag, and any contents for your cooler (no glass containers please).

Make a Vacation Out of It

If you’re looking to stay a while, we offer deluxe cabins, log cabins, bunkhouses, and camping sites. The deluxe cabins offer a kitchen and family room, with an optional loft. Log cabins are our closest cabins to the river and feature an open room with kitchenette and bunk beds. Bunk houses are great for larger groups, have backyards for activities, and offer a view of the river. If camping is more your style, we offer three different campgrounds for a spectacular outdoor experience on the Delaware River.  

Please contact us today to learn more about our tubing and lodging options! We would be happy to set up for your adventure!