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Most popular route from our Barryville, NY location, this trip offers white water that’s fun for everyone. No experience in rafts. Some experience in canoes and kayaks recommended.

The river skirts along the scenic State Route 97 highway and under the Barryville Shohola Bridge, a 5th generation bridge that was reconstructed in 2006.

History: The area of the bridge itself dates as a ford for Native Americans, mostly the Lenni Lenapi, traveling between from the Wyoming valley and Delaware Valley and present-day Connecticut in the early 18th century; archaeologists date human habitation and use of the area to 10,900 BC. The river at Shohola, which means “place of peace,” widens perceptibly, allowing for a natural, shallow crossing.

After passing the bridge, the river cuts away from the highway, and you will paddle through an area rich in scenic beauty and wildlife. Watch for bald eages, deer, duck, and more.

Towards the end of your trip, you’ll pass by an eel weir. Tip: The river becomes shallow at and after this eel weir. Paddlers that stay far right will pass through without issue.

Eeling the Delaware River: Eels are a delicatessen in fine dining restaurants. Weirs are constructed to trap eels as they migrate from salt water to fresh water. They consist of V-shaped rock walls opening upstream, forcing the water to flow through a trap at the tip of the “V.” Eels are harvested in the fall and sold live weight or smoked.

Activity Paddle Time
Raft 4-5 hours
Canoe 3-4 hours
Kayak 3-4 hours
Tube N/A

Groups must be signed up and ready to go by the latest departure time.  Please arrive early to ensure enough time.

Activity Departure Times
Raft Open to 12:30 pm
Canoe Open to 1:30 pm
Kayak Open to 1:30 pm
Tube N/A